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How To Chip A Golf Ball: Simple Step-By-Step Guide

Here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to chip a golf ball!

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Would like to know how to chip a golf ball? Great!

In this article, we have decided to provide a complete step-by-step guide on how to chip a golf ball.

But before we start, we have decided to explain the fundamentals so that you are able to understand what is the purpose of the shot, what is a chip shot, how to chip a golf ball, and which clubs are the best to chip a golf ball.

Always mind checking with your golf course or coach to ensure you are on the right track!

Keep reading to find out more about how to chip a golf ball.

What is a chip shot?

 A chip shot is a short game shot, used of the green from around 40 yards in, striking the ball in a very short swing and letting the ball roll towards the hole.

The aim of a chip shot

The aim of a chip shot is to carry the ball from where your ball has finished on the green and from there the ball should bounce, roll and hopefully finish next to or inside the hole.

How to Chip a Golf Ball

Keeping proper stance

  1. Line up the ball with your sternum

Good chip in golf revolves around proper stance and positioning, aim for your body moderately ahead of the ball, with your sternum parallel to the location of the ball.

  1. Keep Your Chest Up

Throughout the course of your swing, you should maintain your arms, chest, and back up.

  1. Place your feet close together

Your feet have to be on the ground while you execute the chip, there should be a moderate space between your feet and they should be parallel to each other directing forward.

  1. Opening your hip

The proper swing will disseminate the strain throughout your upper body, instead of packing the strain into one area. Allow your hip on the other side of the club to move around as it will take some of the stress off from your wrists.

Chipping the ball

  1. Swing your full upper body

Here you have to use your entire upper body to ease the chip, do not swing with your wrists because this movement will limit your force and control. Swing and feel the movement with your hips.

While your upper body should be flexible throughout the movement, it is important to keep your feet and legs firm.

  1. Swing downward

Here you will make your first contact with the ball which would be a downward strike.

  1. Raise the club as it makes an impact with the ball

After you are able to optimize your force and control by swinging downward, the raise when your club meets the ball will give the air the ball needs to fly from the grass.

Downward swing and upward raise should be accomplished in a fluid motion.

  1. Follow through with the motion after the ball has made contact

In order to optimize your force, you should see swing through, leaving your club in the air. It is important to complete the swing with the same fluid motion you begin with.

  1. Watch where the ball ends up

Following the chip, you as a golfer should keep an eye on it during practice because it will allow you to see how far you got and you will learn how much force you will need for different distances.

What club is best to chip with?

The answer is that there’s no best club to chip with, you need to pick up one that you will feel comfortable with. However, this guide will provide you some tips.

7, 8, 9-Iron

Chip shots with these irons will help you fly low and roll out more than they will fly through the air. You can use these ones when you have a small area of fringe and a large length between you and the hole.

PW, SW, or Lob wedge

With these clubs, you will be able to fly higher and carry through the air more than they will roll along the ground. These are perfect clubs if you have an obstacle to get over,  if you have rough grass around you you can use the wedges.

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