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Golf Exercises: Best Home Workout

Here you will find 6 golf exercises that you can work out at home!

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Golf exercises are important to improve the physical fitness of a golfer, it takes part in the process to improve their skills such as swing and on the other hand, it makes the body stronger and more stable. 

Some players prefer to work out at home rather than facing gym costs, however, that does not mean that there aren’t great exercises that a player can make at home to achieve the objectives.

If you are a player that chooses to work out at home, you have just landed in the right place.

Always consult with your coach or course.

1. Slipt Squat

This is a lower-body exercise in which you are primarily working out your front leg. keep the majority of your weight centered over the middle of your front foot.

Why You Should Do?

  • This exercise will improve your strength, stability, and mobility.

2. Deadbug

In this exercise, you should keep your lower back flat against the ground to make sure that you are working your abs out.

Why You Should Do?

  • This exercise improves the strength of your core, you need to have good strength in your waistline to be able to transfer power from your lower body to your upper body during the swing.

3. Push-ups

This exercise is common and famous, to set up a good push up you should: 

  1. Get down on all fours.
  2. Place your hands wider than your shoulders. 
  3. Straighten your arms and legs.
  4. When you get the right position you should lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor.
  5. After lowering your body with your chest nearly touching the floor, you should pause for 2-3 seconds and then push your upper body up.
  6. Repeat. 

Why You Should Do?

  • This exercise will ensure an improvement in your overall strength and can contribute to a better golf swing.

4. See-saw Lunge

In this exercise, you should position your body with your back straight and your hand on the side through the movement, and you will use your legs to lunge forward and backward.

Why You Should Do?

  • This exercise will improve your strength around your lower body, it is important for golfers to have a strong lower body because it will allow them to improve their swing and speed. On the other hand, it can help to prevent injury.

5. Pelvic Rotation

In this exercise you should rotate your hips while keeping your upper body still, you should feel a stretch in your obliques, the muscles on the side of your waistline.

Why You Should Do?

  • This exercise will improve your strength in your hips and mobility, this will allow you to separate your hips from your upper body at the start of your downswing.

6. Full Body Turn

In this exercise, you can use a club to assist your turn and to help you go further. During this exercise, you should feel a big stretch around the medial back, ribcage, and shoulders.

Why You Should Do?

  • This exercise will improve your rotation in the backswing, it is also a good exercise for you to do before you hit the range or play a round.


  • Practice 5-10 reps per exercise.
  • Three Rounds.
  • For those exercises that you work on one side at a time, make sure your work on the other side.
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