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Golf Club Distances: How Far Can You Hit Your Clubs?

Here you will find the complete guide about golf club distances!

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The truth is that a golfer will hit the club depending on his ability and swing speed. There’s no general answer for everyone.

However, It is important to have a baseline understanding of the average distances that golf clubs can achieve.

For this reason, we have managed to gather the necessary information for you to understand how far you can hit your club.

Keep reading to find out more about your golf club’s distances.

ClubMen’s Average (Yards)Men’s Above Average (Yards)Women’s Average (Yards)
Drivers230 260200
3- Wood210 225175
5- Wood195 210165
3- Iron180200160
4- Iron170190150
5- Iron160180140
6- Iron150170130
7- Iron140160120
8- Iron130150110
9- Iron120140100
Pitching wedge11013090
Approach Wedge10012080
Sand wedge9011070
Lob Wedge7010060

To Make Your Journey Great

How to figure out your distance?

It is important to know your distances as it is part of the battle, players want to have an accurate distance to a pin. But most players don’t know how to get the details on how far they hit the club.

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One of the best ways to ensure how far you’ve hit your club is to use a rangefinder at the driving range. This device will help you when going to a range, instead of just hitting the balls all over the place, pick a specific target, find out how far the target is, and then decide which clubs you can comfortably hit the target.

Key Factors to achieving distance

The total distance of a club is achieved by various factors which are: swing speed, the club’s loft, weather, and the carry distance achieved.


Each and every club has a different and unique loft. Golf manufacturers are reducing the loft of the club so that the club can hit balls further in comparison to the clubs made years ago.

Some game improvement clubs will have a strong loft to help the player to achieve an easier launch.


The distance can vary 50 % from achievements by short, long, and mid hitters. It also depends on the club that the hitter is using and it also depends on the gender. Men have a high propensity to have faster swing speeds and hit the ball further than ever. However, women can also hit the ball at a good distance.


Weather can influence the distance of the ball. If you are hitting the ball on a windy day, it will influence your distance to a great extent.

Swing Speed

How fast you hit the club is another determinant factor of your distance. The faster you swing the club, the further the ball will travel.

Game improvement Clubs

Game improvement clubs have the largest amount of technology to help improve forgiveness and distance, most of them have a larger head and profile to improve forgiveness and promote extra distance.

Club Distance Guide

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A driver is described as the longest club as far as distance is concerned, driver golf club length is long and the loft is low compared to other golf clubs. Golf players are likely to struggle to learn how to hit a driver straight because of a lower loft and extended length.

Drivers usually have lofts ranging from 9-12 degrees. Golfers that have a faster swing speed perform better with the lower lofted driver, and those with a slower swing speed with a higher loft driver.

Golfers usually strive to hit their driver more than 200 yards because it gives them an excellent start to the hole and an advantage on the course.

Fairway woods

Depending on the loft of your fairway woods you can hit the ball as far as you do with the driver. An average 3 wood is about 15 degrees which is a few degrees difference in the loft with the driver, if you want a 3 wood that goes further you have to pick one that has a 13 or 14 degree, and if you would like to have one that is more forgiving you can choose the one with 16 degrees of loft.

With 5 wood or 7 wood, you should make sure that lofts are few degrees away from other fairway woods. Doesn’t make any sense to carry a 16 degree 3 wood and an 18 degree 5 wood, the distance gap will not be significant enough.


When it comes to hybrid, distance can be slightly tricky, these golf clubs are built to replace a 2 iron, 3 iron, 4 iron, or 5 iron. 

A hybrid is usually easier to hit than iron, they travel quite further. Players often notice that they hit 5 hybrids the same distance as they would hit with a 4 iron.


Golfers usually play a set of irons that ranges from a 4 iron to a pitching wedge or a gap wedge.

Irons are the clubs that are the most important when it comes to distances, if you are using an 8 iron from the middle of the fairway, you are going to achieve a pin.

If your distances are not accurate then there’s isn’t much of a chance of getting it close, when you first learn your golf club distances focus on short irons and learn those yardages.


Wedges can be blade and cavity back in style. Golfers often find that the blade wedges do not go as far as the cavity back, however, they have better accuracy and feel as well.

Players also usually use lob wedge and sand wedge for shorter shots around the green, however, they leave the long-distance shots for the other wedges in the bag.


Putters are unique clubs that are not going to have distance calculations, all putters are equipped to handle a long putt across a green.


One of the most important ways to start scoring lower scores is knowing your club distances, when there’s a good handle on how far you can hit a ball, you will start to set yourself up for shorter putts and easier scoring.

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