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Best Low Compression Golf balls

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We welcome you to our review of the best Low compression Golf Balls!

Low compression balls are game improvement balls, these balls are built to help slow swing players get the ball speed they need.

Picking the best Low compression ball can be complicated due to the variety of them available in the market.

For this, we have managed to list the best golf balls available in the market to make sure you get the improvement you have been looking for.

Best Overall

Bridgestone E6


E6 Balls

  • Stable Ball Flight.
  • Improved aerodynamics.
  • Fair price.

Our Best Low Compression Golf Balls

  1. Best Overall: Bridgestone E6
  2. Runner Up 1: Callaway Supersoft
  3. Runner Up 2: Srixon soft feel

Best Overall: Bridgestone E6


  • Low compression balls.
  • Great pricing.
  • Amazing feel when chipping and putting.


  • Less durable balls.
  • Not the best balls to achieve great distance.                                          

Bridgestone E6 balls are great balls to improve a player’s performance with slow swing speed. Well, the E6 balls are the best for Low compression.

E6 balls are manufactured with a thin coat and a large core. The cover material featured on these balls is surlyn, this material results in the ball’s durability.

Bridgestone E6’s surface has 330 dimples, these patterns use seamless technology with the aim of creating a better spin around the green. On the other hand, they reduce air drag and rise ball speed on shots.

These features are joined with the large core that magnifies the distance for the E6 balls. Importantly is the low compression rate that appears in the core which is special for slow swing players.

If you are a player with a slow swing and a high handicap level who is looking for a low compression golf ball, this would be the best option to consider.

Runner Up: Callaway Supersoft


  • Appropriate for mid-swing players.
  • Great greenside spin.   
  • Appreciable speed performance.    


  • The price is slightly high.                                                                                                                                                                                            

These are some of the best low compression golf balls available on the market. Callaway supersoft has a 38 % compression rate.

Supersoft balls can work for players with extra swing speed as well as high handicap players that encounter their game with a slower swing speed.

Callaway Supersoft features HEX aerodynamics patterns that can reduce air drag, this results in golfers improving their overall distance performance.

Additionally, you get the soft Trigonometry cover which provides a great feel.

Another great feature that these balls have, is that they can come in different colors which gives you the opportunity to choose the color that you think is most visible for you.

These are a great option for players looking for balls with the lowest compression.

Runner Up 2: Srixon Soft Feel


  • Low compression balls.
  • Great pricing.
  • Amazing feel when chipping and putting.


  • Less durable balls.
  • Not the best balls to achieve great distance.                                                                                                                                                      

The Srixon soft feel ball is one of the most famous balls on the market. Srixon soft feel great ability is the distance that the ball provides with slow swing speed. Hence, they have an amazing amount of feel on the short game shots.

Srixon is featured with a thin cover and provides an amazing amount of spin and soft feel. If you are one of the players that are looking for a ball that can fill your needs in the short game, this would be a great option to consider.                                                                                                                        

Other than being one of the greatest low compression balls on the market, they offer a great feel around the green and great performance off the tee.

The 338-speed dimple pattern incorporated on these balls reduces drag and provides extra distance.

This is an affordable golf ball, high performing, it is definitely a great option to consider.

What to look for when buying Low compression golf balls?

Low compression balls are balls with less than 80% ratings, these balls are usually softer, and easy to compress.

Before making your final choice, you should understand some ball types that will contribute for you to making your final choice.

For this, we have enlisted 2 types of Low compression balls to give you a better understanding.

Ionomer Cover

There are a lot of golf balls being manufactured with an Ionomer Cover, these balls are firmer than urethane, this feature highly contributes to durability and makes the ball last longer than expected.

2-piece construction

Two-piece construction is famous in low compression golf balls, the fewer the layers the lower the compression a ball has. A thin coat cover outside the large softcore creates ease when compressing and has a better response.

Additionally, there are some specifications that need to be addressed for you. If you are a player looking more for a better feel, selecting a two-piece ball is a perfect choice. If you are a player looking for extra yards then consider the three-piece or four-piece balls.

Final Verdict

We hope that with this guide, we have managed to provide the necessary information to help you make your final ball choice.

However, our final recommendation is the Bridgestone e6, these are great balls for a player looking for the best Low Compression Golf Balls.

It is in our best interest to make your journey great so it is important to mention that you should not neglect other options available in our list, as they might suit your game better than our final recommendation.

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