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Best Golf Ball For Juniors

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Welcome to our review of the best junior golf balls!

Golf balls have a significant impact on every performance player, one of the ways to improve any player’s skills is by picking the right golf ball to play.

We consider that picking a golf ball for a junior player may be complicated, especially when they are new to the game and they don’t really know their game skills.

For this, we have decided to enlist the best golf balls for Juniors!

Best Overall




  • Durable balls.
  • Low spin balls.
  • Excellent distance performance.

Our Best Junior Golf Balls

  1. Best Overall: Titleist Velocity
  2. Best For Beginners: Pinnacle Soft
  3. Best For Practice: Gosports Foam Practice
  4. Best For Distance: TaylorMade Distance Plus
  5. Best For Glow In The Dark: THIODOON Glow In The Dark Golf Balls
  6. Best For Value For Money:  TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed
  7. Best For Low Compression: Callaway 2021 Supersoft
  8. Best For Budget: Nitro Glycerin
  9. Best For Visibility: Chromax Metalic

Best Overall: Titleist Velocity

best golf balls for juniors


  • Durable balls.
  • Great distance off tee.
  • Straight ball flight.                                                                                    


  • Might not the best for players with slow swing speed.                                                                                                                            

Titleist has managed to manufacture great golf balls that are great and offer great value for Junior players.

Titleist velocity balls are manufactured with a cover made by NAZ + Surlyn, this material is not as tough as the standard surlyn and delivers a great soft feel off the tee for Junior players. These features can strengthen the golf ball’s durability.

Another feature incorporated in these golf balls is the high-speed LSX core combined with new spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimples aimed to achieve greater distance performance. This feature benefits slower swing speeds or mid-swing speeds players.

In addition, these golf balls have brilliant colored golf balls options available and there’s the anti-UV light that contributes to eye protection for Junior players.

These golf balls would be a great option for Junior players, they have great stability and deliver low long game spin. Last but not least, the golf balls highly contribute for golfers to get accuracy on every shot.

Beginners: Pinnacle Soft

best golf balls for juniors


  • Greater ball flight control.
  • Soft feel.
  • Significant distance off the tee.                        


  • Not enough spin with wedges.                                                                                                                                                                 

Junior players at the beginner’s stage, should play with golf balls with certain features and characteristics that can allow them to see their room for improvement.

Pinnacle soft golf balls have ultra-low compression and provide an amazingly soft feel at a great price, this model is recreated with a thinner ionomer cover aimed to improve the great feel for the Junior players with these soft golf balls.

On the other hand, the golf balls are featured with a high-energy core joined with a 332 icosahedral design that lowers air drag and decreases long game spins. This soft golf ball would be a great option to fix slices and hooks.

These golf balls allow junior players that need to practice putting and chipping these can be a great option to consider.

Best For Practice: Gosports Foam Practice

best golf balls for juniors


  • Indoors and outdoors playable.
  • Easy to find and retrieve.
  • High quality material.                               


  • The colours may not suit every player.                                                                                                                            

When looking for practice golf balls for Junior players, the GoSports Foam balls would be a great option to consider. They have the ability to satisfy the needs of Junior players with quality and quantity.

These golf balls are made of quality foam material which is well built to maintain the forms. On the other hand, the golf balls have limited golf ball flight which is approximately 45 yards.

Another feature that these golf balls have is the dimple patterns, they also mimic real golf balls with the design with the aim of creating a good golf ball trajectory.

The golf ball quantity is great, you can choose to buy sixteen or sixty-four golf balls, both golf ball packages have four bright colors inside.

Best For Distance: TaylorMade Distance Plus


  • Great distance off the tee.
  • Greater ball control around the green.                                                                                                     


  • Not every player’s favourite feel.                                                                                                                                                                         

Every player wants to improve skills or scores. For that to happen, there are certain golf balls that can highly contribute to this achievement, to achieve a better distance our recommendation would be the TaylorMade Distance Plus.

TaylorMade Distance Plus ball structure and design aim to get extra speed and more yards for players with slower swing speeds to players with mid-swing speeds.

These balls feature a simple two-piece construction that has a thin ionomer coating that magnifies the soft golf ball feel of the tee, the react speed cores are large and tremendously responsive.

Speed is maximized by the combined 342-speed dimples and 77 compression rates. This contributes for Junior players to get the energy transferred to the golf ball faster to achieve greater distance, straighter and lower driver spin rate.

The downside of the speed golf balls is that they don’t have the best feel around the green because they sacrifice to get more speed and distance.

These golf balls are highly recommendable if you are looking for best golf balls that can help a Junior player achieve distance.

Best For Glow In The Dark: THIODOON


  • Great visibility on the course.
  • Sufficient battery life.
  • Automatic on and off function that preserves energy .                       


  • Makes terrible noise when hit off my driver club                                                                                                                                                               

Apart from golf being a sport, It can also be a game with a fun side to it that is perfect for anyone but in this particular case, junior golfers. With the THIODOON glow in the dark golf balls, Even after the sun goes down; you can enjoy the game of golf and have lots of fun with the kids by using the glow in the dark golf balls manufactured by THIODOON.

The THIODOON golf balls are golf balls with LED lights, batteries, and computer chips inside. Eventually they run out of battery and there’s no way of recharging them as of yet, however,  you can then use them as  practice golf balls or just normal daylight balls.

The golf balls consist of three layers with rubber covers and solid cores and 342 dimples to lower air drag in order to stabilize the ball flight just like normal golf balls.

In order to activate, it’s pretty simple, all you need to do is to strike the ball or essentially just hit it onto a the hard surface.  That will light up the golf ball in vivid colors for approximately 8 to 10 minutes. The total battery life/light time of each golf ball can reach is 40 to 50 hours. That is vast amount of time for you to get in a reasonable number of rounds.

The THIODOON golf balls are LED, so you don’t need to buy a UV flashlight to recharge them after each strike so you can go ahead, spice up your golf journey and light up the night sky while you’re at it with the THIODOON golf balls.

Best For Value For Money: TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed


  • Durable and high-quality material.
  • Has an amazing spin on the green.
  • Soft feel off shots .                      


  • Limited colour selection                                                                                                                                                      

As junior golfers, when first starting out, it is almost inevitable that they will lose a couple of golf balls as they need to get a bit more practice more to improve their golf game performance. In order to cater for these golfers and save money on golf balls, the TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed is great option for you. This is a high-quality product made of high quality material with three types of packs with plenty of golf balls to pick from.

The structure of the golf ball surface is combined with a 360 dimple pattern that contributes to the ball speed essentially making the golf balls and adds more distance. However, golfers with high handicaps and or slower swings speed, the golf ball compression is medium rate, so it will require for the junior golf players to practice before switching to these particular golf balls.

The golf balls have two-piece construction covers with a thin ionomer. For durability purposes the material is firmer in order to strengthen the ball. The golf ball is still however soft enough to create a mid-feel off the tee. Each of these golf balls consists of a high-energy react core. It is pretty much similar to the TaylorMade tour-level balls.

Best For Low Compression: Callaway 2021 Supersoft


  • Great distance off the tee.
  •  Soft feel on the green.                    
  • Suitable for mid-swing speed.


  • Can be hard to find specifically the red matte balls.                                                                    

Callaway 2021 Supersoft balls are the lowest compression balls on this list which make them ideal for junior golfers as they tend to have a slow to mid swing speed and these balls are one of the best golf balls that match that.

The Supersoft golf ball manufactures made some innovative adjustment to the golf ball structure making the golf ball better than ever before.

They added some new hybrid material, Paraloid, which is cooperation of Callaway and the Dow chemical company. The golf balls are firmer than ionomer but are as soft as the urethane making these balls a lot more durable than before.

The golf balls come with a new coating which combined with high-speed core that contributes to more distance and overall responsiveness. The golf ball also has hexagon aerodynamics that gives the ball a higher launch and low ball spin.

Callaway offers golf balls with bright colours with either a matte finish or a gloss finish. This enhances the level of concentration for junior golfers and results in an overall improvement in their training through-out the golf course.

Best For Budget: Nitro Glycerin


  • Improve distance off the tee.
  • Durable for .                    
  • Suitable for slow to mid-swing speed.


  • No alignment side stamp.                                                                                                                                                                                    


If you’re trying not to break the bank but get a set of fun golf balls at a fairly lower price, the Nitro Glycerin balls are definitely up on that list. They have semi-translucent colors which make them a great and fun addition to the junior game of golf games and potentially encourage the junior golfers to spend more time practicing.

These Glycerin balls have a two-piece construction with thin Surlyn cover firm enough to deliver more distance. This ball is manufactured with reactive Titanium at the core. This material can bring a rubbery feel that enhance the ball performance increasing distance simultaneously.

The balls have 352 dimples with a rose imprint graphic that most golfers consider a great design as it combines well with the pastel colors. The balls are fairly cheap and easy can be tracked essentially in any condition, including when it’s dark out and you want to play some night time golf.

The low compression balls essentially caters to slow as well as mid-swing speed golfers. Whether you are junior, beginner or senior golfer, Nitro balls will be suitable for you. They also abide by all USGA rules, so they can most certainly be used in tours as well.

The only downside of these particular golf balls for kids is that the side stamp alignment are not necessarily ideal for putting practice however the rose imprints make the ball aesthetically pleasing.

Best For Visibility: Chromax Metalic


  • Easy to find in all conditions.
  • High launch .                    
  • Great distance


  • Not suitable for practice due to quantity.                                                                                 

Chromax Metalic has a unique shiny finish that makes the golf ball a lot  more visible and easier to retrieve. This a better alternative for golfers that aren’t too fond of the matte finish especially because they can be hard to retrieve in darker areas.

 The coolest thing about these golf balls for kids is their vivid colors. They offer nine choices with eight separated colors and an assorted one. Each pack has six balls and is numbered from one to six.

The Chromax M5 ball has a two-piece construction with Surlyn coating, a large core, and 302 dimples. They conform to all rules and tests of the USGA and R&A. It means these are not illegal balls, and you can use them for tournament play normally.

These golf balls for kids have a mid compression which is a good fit for both low and mid handicappers. Overall, the Chromax M5 colors make it suitable for all types of golfer because visibility of the golf balls. It also makes the golf ball a viable option for senior players as well.

What Factors To Consider When Buying Junior Golf Balls?

Buying the best golf balls for kids is a step towards their game improvement. For you to make a final choice there are factors that need to be considered to contribute for you to make the best decision. Additionally, if you are a beginner, then we recommend you to read our best golf tips for beginners.


Junior golfers usually have mid to slow swing speeds, they need to play with the best golf balls that match their game capabilities and the compression rate is one of the factors to verify when buying a golf ball.

Low and Ultra-low compression golf balls for kids can provide an ultra-soft feel and high response, and still helps players to get more distance off the tee.

Mid compression golf balls bring the same durability and stability. On the other hand, if a Junior player has a slow swing speed or is a high handicap player,  you will have to consider not picking these balls as a final choice.

Color and Theme

When it comes to picking the best golf balls for kids, colors are most certainly important for Junior players, vivid colors can create interest and can keep Junior players curious and excited.

This excitement will make them want to play more and this comes with practicing more and improving skills.

Final Verdict

We hope that with this guide, we have managed to provide the necessary information to help you make your final ball choice.

However, our final recommendation is the Titleist Velocity , these are the best golf balls for Junior players.

It is in our best interest to improve your journey so it is important to mention that you should not neglect other options available on our list, as they might suit your game better than our final recommendation.

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Play with passion, discipline and sportsmanship to get the best out of your game!

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