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The 10 Best Golf Ball Retrievers In 2022

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A golf ball retriever is one of the most essential accessories for your game, especially if you are on an extensive golf course with extreme hazards. 

Playing golf is fun but losing balls is really not fun, it can get expensive for some players, especially those who purchase the balls on a budget.

A ball retriever will ensure you rescue the ball from all the defined unfavorable playing environments and allow you to keep playing your game.

Regardless if you are a professional golfer, a beginner, or just for fun, picking the right golf ball retriever can be complicated due to the variety of retrievers existent on the market with different features and attributes.

For this reason, we have decided to contribute to your buying decision by enlisting the best golf ball retrievers on the market.

Remember to enjoy your game and find your dream retriever.

Best Overall




  • 10’Size: 10 Foot Reach.
  • Ultimate: 18 Foot Reach.
  • Executive Retriever: 14 Foot Reach.

Our Best Golf Ball Retrievers

In this section, you will find our top picks available on the market. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly or a premium golf ball retriever, you are in the right place to find your dream retriever.

  1. Best Overall: IGOTCHA
  2. Runner Up: Search N’Rescue
  3. Best Premium: Callaway Golf Ball Retriever
  4. Great Comfort: Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Retriever
  5. Best Compact: IGOTCHA Jawz
  6. Best For Mud: Prowithlin Ball Retriever
  7. Best On A Budget: Mazel Telescopic
  8. Best For Extension: Search N’Rescue Four-Ball Retriever
  9. Best Durable: JP Lann Golf Ball Retriever
  10. Best For Visibility: Pro Active Sports Player Select Superlite

Product Comparison Chart

Ball RetrieverShaft MaterialWeight (LBS)Retracted Length (Inches)Extended Length (Feet)
IgotchaStainless Steel0.5/0.6/1.1915.5/17.5/2110/14/18
Callaway RetrieverAluminium Alloy2/2.924/456/15
Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head RetrieverAluminium Plastic1.14FT14
IGOTCHA JawzStainless Steel0.8/0.6/1.215.5/17.5/2010/14/18
Pro Within Ball RetrieverStainless Steel0.42/0.5515.7/186.5/9
Mazel TelescopicStainless Steel0.515.86.6
Search’N Rescue Four Ball RetrieverStainless Steel3.7942/4424
JP Lann Golf Ball RetrivierAluminium9/12/15/180.6/1.25/2.5/3.540/42/43/44
Search N’RescueAluminium1.1/1.642/4415/18
Pro Active Sport Player Select Super-Lite Fiberglass0.419

Our Special Reviews 

In this section, we will break-down all the characteristics and features of the best golf ball retrievers. Make sure you pick the best retriever for your game.

Best Overall: IGOTCHA


  • Comfortable Compact Design.
  • Excellent range of lengths available.
  • Secures the ball with ease.


  • The ultimate model is expensive.
  • Player’s have reported problems with the sturdiness.

IGOTCHA retrievers are the best golf ball retrievers on the market, the retrievers are manufactured with excellence to ensure it provides exactly what the player is looking for when looking for the best golf ball retriever.

The worst scenario for a golfer is purchasing a retriever that cannot fit in the golf bag, with the right size retriever that won’t happen and IGOTCHA has options that can perfectly fit in your golf bag’s pockets. If you wish to select the perfect size to fit in your golf bag, we recommend you select the retriever with the capacity to retract 15 inches.

These retrievers are stable due to their manufacturing material which is the stainless steel, this results in greater durability in comparison to most options on the market, the retrievers can extend to their maximum length with minimal risk of bending or snapping.

One of the greatest factors of these best golf ball retrievers is that they are easy to use, they are manufactured with a nice design and they come with greater value than the price they are offered for. Additionally, the spring release head incorporated in the retriever is an excellent feature because it can lock the ball sturdily when the ball get’s inside like a trap.

The IGOTCHA retrievers come in different sizes:

  • 10’ Retriever- The 10 retriever has the ability to reach 6-foot, it can collapse to 15.5 inches and it only weighs 0.5 pounds.
  • Executive Retriever- The executive retriever has the ability to reach 14-foot, it weighs 0.6 pounds and it can collapse to 17.5 inches.
  • Ultimate Retriever- The ultimate retriever has the ability to reach 18-foot, it weighs 1.19 pounds and it can collapse to 21 inches.

Product Details:

BrandShaft MaterialHandle MaterialWarranty
IGOTCHAStainless SteelPlastic1-Year

How To Use Igotcha?

This is one of the easiest ball retrievers to use nowadays, you simply need to place the ring over the ball and press down to pick it up.

Key features

  • Three length choices with a maximum of 18 reach.
  • Stainless steel shaft.
  • Plastic head steel with spring release trap.

Runner Up: Search N’Rescue


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Durable retriever.
  • Non- oxidizing and rusting.


  • Slightly heavier than other options on the market.

We have selected the Search N’rescue retriever as the runner-up due to the features of the retriever, additionally, the retriever is the best for water use.

Search N’Rescue is a user-friendly retriever, the retriever has great extension and it can lock up the ball with securely. 

The retriever extends to 15-feet  away to reach the golf ball. On the other hand, the durable stainless strings are directly placed on the ball, then the lock bar develops an extension to hold the ball in place.

The golf ball retriever is coated with aluminum, the aluminum makes sure the retriever is weather-resistant, which is very good for the durability and performance of the golf ball retriever.

Search N’Rescue is manufactured with a shaft made of anodized aluminum which will prevent any form of oxidization, corrosion, and rust. This material incorporated will make the retriever durable in the long term.

Other than the excellent shaft incorporated on the retriever, the retriever has an excellent orange head that helps to be easily found in dark places such as dirty waters. For the head to be extensively durable, the head is manufactured with anodized metal which can make the retriever last longer without rusting or oxidizing.

When it comes to picking a golf ball retriever specifically for water usage, the Search N’Rescue would be an excellent option to consider.

Product Details:

BrandShaft MaterialHandle MaterialWarranty
Search’N RescueAnodized AluminiumPlastic1-Year

How To Use Search N’Rescue?

To rescue the ball with the search’n rescue retriever, simply place the magic gripper head on the ball and press lightly to pick the ball up. 

Key features

  • 2-Types of length.
  • Aluminium Telescopic design.
  • Visible orange head.

Best Premium: Callaway Golf Ball Retriever


  • Premium design.
  • Durable shaft.
  • Easy to collect release the ball.


  • Slightly heavier than other ball retrievers.

Luxury, feel, and excellence are Callaway’s unique attributes, the brand has managed to develop an excellent design, and the protector that comes with the Callaway golf ball retriever makes the retriever look like it’s a club being kept in the golf bag.

The Callaway’s retriever head is manufactured with excellent material, the shaft is made of aluminum alloy, which makes this golf ball retriever heavier than the metal ones. However, the retriever will definitely last you longer than you expect even when completely stretched.

Additionally, the retriever is easy to use. Callaway golf ball retriever is available in 15’ or 6’ sizes, both come with stylish zipper headcovers.

If your brand loyalty is with Callaway, then we highly recommend the purchase of this Callaway golf ball retriever, it’s highly durable and will give you a great sense of opulence.

Product Details:

BrandShaft MaterialHandle MaterialWarranty
CallawayAluminium AlloyPlastic1-Year

How To Use Callaway Retriever?

Press the retriever down on the top of the ball and trap the ball inside, when the ball is trapped, you can turn the Callaway golf ball retriever upside down to ensure your security with the ball.

Key features

  • Dual lock headcover.
  • 2-Types of length.
  • Aluminium alloy in a telescopic design.

Great Comfort: Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Retriever 


  • Adjustability.
  • Retracts to fit in your bag.
  • Comfortable firm grip.


  •  May not be the best for durability.

Orlimar is one of the best golf brands available on the market nowadays, some of their products come at great pricing and can be a great value for players.

The Orlimar 15-foot fluorescent golf ball retriever is manufactured to save your ball with ease. This retriever is manufactured with an adjustable shaft that can extend to 15-feet and can collapse to fit in your golf bag, this makes it easy for players to adapt the retriever for the desired use.

On the other hand, the retriever has a comfortable grip that makes the retriever easier to use, especially when looking for balls in muddy and wet areas on the course that will make you use the retriever longer.

Last but not least, what makes this retriever one of the best is the fluorescent head that can give a player excellent visibility to track the ball rescue in places such as murky lakes.

Orlimar golf ball retriever will save you money, it is comfortable and visible. Considering a purchase of this golf ball retriever is definitely an option to consider.

Product Details:

BrandShaft MaterialHandle MaterialWarranty

How To Use Orlimar 15-foot fluorescent head retriever?

To rescue your ball with the Orlimar 15-foot fluorescent head retriever, you simply have to place the head of the retriever on the top of the ball and the head will rescue the ball safely.

Key features

  • Adjustable shaft.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • High visibility flourescent head.

Best Compact: IGOTCHA Jawz


  • Comes with 3-length option.
  • Easy to collect release the ball.
  • Easy access and great comfort.


  • Slightly expensive than other options available.                                        

When it comes to selecting the best retrievers on the market, IGOTCHA is doing well. The IGOTCHA Jawz is an excellent compact golf ball retriever and it is for sure the best compact retriever on the market nowadays.

The retriever is manufactured with an excellent compact design, the maximum length the retriever can achieve is 18-feet and it can retract to 20 inches, this automatically means you will save space in your golf bag.

Additionally, the retriever has an excellent head design which is created with a co-molded rubberized surface that will help you trap the ball tighter without harm. This will result in you retrieving the ball with certaintity.

IGOTCHA Jawz is manufactured with stainless steel shaft which is a durable shaft material, this will result in the retriever to last longer than expected.

If you are a player looking for the most compact retriever on the market, then the IGOTCHA Jawz will certainly best option to consider.

Product Details:

BrandShaft MaterialHandle MaterialWarranty
IGOTCHAStainless SteelPlastic1-Year

How To Use IGOTCHA Jawz retriever?

This is one of the easiest retrievers to use nowadays, you simply need to place the ring over the ball and press down to pick it up.

Key features

  • Co-molded surface to grip and rescue the ball.
  • Ultra-compact.
  • Stainless steel shaft.

Best For Mud: Prowithlin Ball Retriever


  • Easy to use.
  • Solid and comfort grip.
  • Lightweight.


  • Customers have not been happy with the durability.

When it comes to retrieving golf balls in a wet/muddy spot on the course, the Prowithlin golf ball retriever is a light, easy to use and significantly durable golf ball retriever that will certainly get the job done.

Without the Prowithlin golf ball retriever, Stooping over to pick up golf balls is undeniably one of the routine things that can become annoyingly challenging, especially when the golf ball is stuck in a tight space such as shrubs or sometimes even water hazards/ponds. In such a playing environment, the Prowithin ball retriever is the best option when trying to retrieve golf balls in water or mud. 

The Prowithlin retriever has a 9ft max length stainless steel retractable design which essentially makes it a great option for retrieving golf balls from wet/water bodies without having concerns about rusting due to its durable components.

 As golfers we have to move around with quite a lot of equipment which can be inconvenient when it comes to putting it all in one golf bag and still keeping the golf bag lightweight. However with this Prowithlin golf ball retriever, that will not be an issue because the Prowithlin golf ball retriever only weighs 0.55lbs making it an easy fit into the golf bag.

The Prowithlin golf ball retriever telescopic feature and the automatic scoop design makes the golf ball retriever a lot more unique as the automatic scoop design ensures that the golf ball is easily secured.

Product Details:

BrandShaft MaterialHandle MaterialWarranty
IGOTCHAStainless SteelABS Plastic30 Days

How To Use A Prowithlin Ball Retriever?

Simply place the head of the retriever over the ball and the automatic scoop mechanism will secure the ball with ease.

To fully understand how to use it and enjoy your game of golf click the video below:

Key features

  • Automatic locking scoop design.
  • Short collapsible model.
  • 2-Types of length.

Best On A Budget: Mazel Telescopic


  • Great pricing.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable material.


  • The rod is light and thin.
  • Only one type of length available.        

As a beginner or maybe you have a strict budget, the Mazel Telescopic golf ball retriever is an excellent choice. This retriever has a 4-way combo to pick from and the first being  2 separate retrievers with different head designs and different colors. The other retriever comes with two golf ball grabbers.

The scoop and the spring-release are both Mazel designs for their golf ball retriever heads. The spring release head comes in white and yellow colors while the scoop head design comes in black.

Although it has a lower price point, its functionality is not compromised. It is also suitable for rough environment usage , water hazards and thorny bushes included.

Product Details:

BrandShaft MaterialHandle MaterialWarranty
MazelLight-Weight Stainless SteelABS Plastic60 Days

How To Use Mazel Telescopic?

The golf ball retriever comes with an automatic locking system that only requires you to lightly place the head of the retriever over the ball and once the ball is secure it will not fall out till the ball is completely retrieved.

Key features

  • Self-Locking Cup Design.
  • Available in 2 colors.
  • Works in any condition.

Best For Extension: Search’N Rescue Four-Ball


  • The best for extension.
  • Can retract four balls.
  • Easy twist off head.


  • Heavy  retriever.  
  • May be expensive for a player on a budget.  

Search’N Rescue retrievers manufactured by JTD enterprises are one of the best on the market. The retrievers can deliver the necessities of every golfer regardless of the hazard, the four-ball retriever is a special retriever because it can achieve what most retrievers on the market can’t.

The Search’N Rescue retriever is manufactured with stainless steel shaft which is an excellent material great for durability, and has the ability to extend to 24-feet which makes it one of the longest retrievers on the market.

Search’N Rescue four-balls retriever is featured with an excellent locking mechanism, the mechanism has the capacity to rescue four balls. Additionally, regardless of the hazard, the retriever can perform in any condition and when it comes to rescuing your balls in the water the retriever is designed with an orange head which will provide you excellent visibility.

On the other hand, the retriever weighs 3.79 pounds which may be heavy for players that prefer lightweight options.

Last but not least this retriever can be a great advantage for players that play in golf courses with extreme hazards.

Product Details:

BrandShaft MaterialHandle MaterialWarranty
Search’N RescueAnodized AluminiumSturdy Steel wire1-Year

How To Use Search’N Rescue Four Ball?

The Search’ N Rescue Four Ball scoop head design comes with an automatic lock design that only requires you to simply align the retriever with the ball and lightly drop it onto the ball and lift.

To fully understand how to use it and enjoy your game of golf click the video below:

Key features

  • Visible and durable steel wire cage.
  • Rescues four balls in any course condition.
  • Maximum extension.

Best Durable: JP Lann Golf Ball Retriever



  • Aluminium prevents rusting.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Telescoping shaft.


  • The hinge can rust after overuse in the water.

When it comes to picking golf ball retrievers with multiple choices of lengths JP Lann does not fall short in that area. It has  both hinge and pressure cup heads to choose from. It has 4 different lengths available from the two types of head designs.

Of the different lengths available, the shortest length has a 9 ft extension capacity. JP Lann golf ball retriever comes with a hinge cup design in metal with a locking mechanism that makes retrieving the golf ball less challenging.

The length sizes and unique grips available are sufficient enough to retrieve golf balls in sand, water hazards, and bushes. The rubber grips have a unique design that makes it possible to maintain a tight grip.

Product Details:

BrandShaft MaterialHandle Material
JP LannAluminiumRubber

How To Use JP Lann Golf Ball Retriever?

For this golf ball retriever, you to just place the head of the retriever over the ball and the flip-to-catch mechanism will secure the golf ball with ease.

Key features

  • Available in two different colors.
  • 4 Types of length.
  • Hinge cup has a locking mechanism.

Best for visibility:  ProActive Sports Player Select Super-Lite Golf ball retriever


  • Lightweight.
  • Compact design even when retracted.
  • Easier to use in darker places/water.


  • Only available in one length.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

When it comes to retrieving golf balls with ball retrievers, there are chances that you are retrieving it from dirty water hazards or bushes, the bottom line is that it can be hard to get an accurate visual on the retriever head and golf ball. However, the ProActive Sports golf ball retrievers have a very unique and bright green trap head design making it easier to find the ball.

What makes this retriever one of the best golf ball retrievers is that the trap head design allows you to retrieve balls from mud and water hence why it’s a great option.

This retriever is also significantly lightweight, it only weighs 0.4 lbs and has an extendable shaft length of up to 9ft. The lightweight is as a result of its fiberglass shaft which is perfect because it prevents all kinds of rusting making it a durable ball retrievers.

Product Details:

BrandShaft MaterialHandle MaterialWarranty
ProActive SportsFiberglassFiberglass1-Year

How To Use ProActive Sports Player Select Super-Lite?

You simply press the push button that will release the telescopic shaft, place the patented head device of the ball retrievers over the ball and it will easily grasp and lock the ball in.

To fully understand how to use it and enjoy your game of golf click the video below:

Key features

  • Visible green head.
  • Push button release locks and unlocks telescopic shaft.
  • Super lightweight and compact.

Golf Ball Retriever Buying Guide

Nowadays, there are a variety of excellent golf ball retrievers on the market, as reviewed, they all differ from features, brand, quality and price

But before making your final decision on which retriever to buy, there are some important factors to take into consideration. 

These factors will allow you to identify the ideal golf ball retriever. 

Head Design

The head design of your retriever is one of the most important factors to consider because the mission of your retriever is to rescue the ball with ease.

The two best head designs: spring release design and the scoop design. Both designs work really well, the spring has the ability to hold the ball tighter but it will need extra pressure from the user when rescuing the golf ball. The scoop design too, the user will need to apply pressure when rescuing the ball and this design has the ability to tight the ball securely.

Scoop design and spring design are suitable for each type of the hazard conditions encountered on the course. The scoop has the ability to perform to its best in softer surfaces, the spring is different, it works well in water and stronger surfaces.

Before you make your final decision, it is important to consider the retriever’s head according to your course hazards and your personal needs.

Shaft length

There are a variety of shaft length sizes, there are long and short retrievers, both can be useful over the course but each has it’s own best functionality.

Golf ball retrievers with short shafts measure six-feet and they are great to rescue golf balls from shorter distances.  Unfortunately, the shorter shafts do not offer the best extension such as extended retrievers but the shorter shafts are more stable and flexible than the longer shafts. 

Long golf ball retrievers come with shafts with longer length, these shafts are usually the best because the use of the retriever becomes somewhat limitless. The long shafts usually measure up to 18-feet which gives the golfer extra yards of extension to rescue the golf ball.

The best decision you can take is select a long retriever because it can definitely be a great advantage in most courses. 

However, if you are a player that plays in courses that do not have as many hazards that will require you to use the most extended retrievers, you can select a retriever under 15-foot length.


Stability of the retriever couldn’t miss the list of the most important factors to consider, before purchasing the best golf ball retrievers.

When looking at the stability analysis, it is important to measure how solid the retriever is when fully extended while rescuing the ball.

Pay close attention on the material used to manufacture the retriever, to save you money and time, look for retrievers with great durability. The lightweight retrievers are usually the retrievers with less durability in comparison to the heavier options.

Materials Used

The materials used to design and manufacture the golf ball retriever is crucial to evaluate the overall performance from the retriever.

First, the retriever is manufactured with three parts: handle, enclosure and shaft. These components of the retriever need to be manufactured with excellent and high-quality materials because these components are the principal determinants of the retriever

To be precise this is why some retrievers are better than the others in terms of quality, durability and performance.

When it comes to considering the materials, always look for retrievers that are manufactured with non-rusting and non-oxidizing. Materials such as: stainless steel and aluminium, the downside of these materials is that they can be heavy if you are a prefer lightweight options.

Wait there, if you prefer lighter options, the most suitable options are fiberglass and maybe plastic.


The essential component of the handle is the grip, and it differs from retriever to retriever. Most players look for the most comfortable options.

Retrievers on the market offer different kinds of grips and there are simple factors to be taken into consideration to help you identify the ideal grip for your hands. 

There are retrievers manufactured with grips similar to golf clubs and there are retrievers manufactured with oversized grips that are designed to create comfort.

More importantly, the handle is manufactured with rubber materials that create cushion, tackiness and flexibility. We recommend you to select retrievers with grips that you will wear well over-time and grips that can provide you comfort.

Additionally, make sure to select retrievers that can work well in any weather condition, especially under the rain. This will add to your overall satisfaction with the retriever.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a golf ball retriever work?

With the global golfers’ habit of constantly donating golf balls into shrubs and water hazards, golf ball retrievers come in extremely handy when it comes to recovering the lost off-course or misplaced golf balls.

 What essentially makes the golf ball retrievers capable of this mechanic function is the telescopic extensions. The telescopic extension enables the retrieving of the golf balls using the swivel cup/head at the end of the golf ball retriever shaft.

Why Do I Need A Golf Ball Retriever?

The need for a golf ball retriever is essentially determined by your playing environment through out the golf course.

As a golfer, if you often find yourself playing on a course with water hazards or shrubs that make it a lot more challenging to recover your golf balls, then you most certainly want to consider purchasing a golf ball retriever.

This may seem like a pointless purchase, however, it can potentially save you a lot of money that you would have to spend in order to replace those golf balls especially if they are the higher end premium golf balls

A golf ball retriever can also prevent back pain especially for the senior players because with a golf ball retriever you don’t have to constantly bend over to pick the golf balls. In addition to golf ball retrievers saving lower backs, they also save your expensive apparel from any possible damage that can occur in the process of retrieving lost golf balls.

How Long Should A Golf Ball Retriever Be?

The minimum length recommendation of golf ball retriever is within the 6-feet extendable range. However, the length will always differ amongst golfers as the length is primarily determined by the golfer’s specific needs. 

The longer the shaft of the retriever the better, as the golf ball retriever will have the capacity of retrieving golf balls that may be further out of reach than usual.     

Is A Golf Ball Retriever Considered A Golf Club?

The general rule is that a golf club has to have a club head and a shaft to be considered golf clubs. So in this case, no, golf ball retrievers are not golf clubs.

Some may have that misconception because the golf ball retrievers have golf grips but they do not necessarily meet the specific golf shaft and golf clubhead requirements.

What Is The Cost Of A Golf Ball Retriever?

The price of golf ball retriever is within the $20 to $50 market price range and its all determined by quality ,extendibility as well as over functionality of the golf ball retriever.

You may find some that are significantly cheaper but you really have to be careful when selecting to ensure you get decent quality equipment.

The more features the golf ball retriever has, the higher the price is likely to be but whatever the price may be, investing in a retriever will save a lot of money in the long run, especially if you’re a high handicap player still learning the game and most certainly going to lose some golf balls.

Final Verdict: Best Ball Retriever

In our final verdict, we are going to identify and recommend the best golf ball retriever for your game.

If you are constantly encountering situations with lost golf balls over the golf course, then you are probably looking for the best solution to save you money and time. Especially if you purchase the best ball which is expensive.

The best ball retriever will ensure you scoop the ball from any hazards and eventually, you will find ball security.

We have selected IGOTCHA as the best golf ball retriever, due to its excellent features, functionalities, price range, and quality which will ensure its durability.

It is important to mention that you should not neglect other options on our list as they may fulfill your needs better than our final recommendation.

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Play with passion, discipline and sportsmanship to get the best out of your game!

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