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Best Golf Putters

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Welcome to our review of the best putters on the market.

Technological advances in putters are now improving yearly, and shafts are now being produced with different materials. Both inserts used in both mallet and blade putters have a high MOI and a better roll.

Picking a putter can be as complicated as choosing another golf club, especially picking the one that can fit your game.

We have managed to review the best putters available in the market for some categories and pick the best to suit your game.

Best Overall



Spider X

  • Excellent path alignment.
  • Adjustable weight.
  • Heavy clubhead promoting more stability.

Our Best Golf Putters

  1. Best Overall: TaylorMade Spider X Putter
  2. Runner Up 1: Odyssey O Works #1 Putter
  3. Runner Up 2: Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter
  4. Best On A Budget: Pinemeadow Golf PGX
  5. Best For Alignment: Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Putter

Best Overall: TaylorMade Spider X Putter

Best Putters on the market!


  • Excellent path alignment.
  • Adjustable weight.
  • Heavy clubhead promoting more stability. 


  • The club is on higher side of the price range.                                                                                                                                                                                 

This is by far, one of the best Putters ever made on the market. The TaylorMade Spider is a putter used in Professional Golf Tournaments and it has changed the view of mallet putters for many players and manufacturers.

Spider X is one of the latest versions of TaylorMade, the putter has an X-shaped design that helps to increase the stability at impact. The theory says that, with a thinner, less heavy blade putter, the putter tends to shake at impact. The more a putter shakes, the worse the result will be.

Putting is about getting a ball started and staying on a solid roll.

This golf club also can be selected in a range of colors, some with few lines at the top and others just have one solid line. Additionally, there are different choices for the hosel type on these putters as well.

One of the best abilities this putter has is to being easy to align due to its amazing and professional feature the True Path Alignment system.

Spider X is adjustable, it comes with three weights that can be moved and placed to give players the feel they need or the feel they desire.

This putter is available in 33, 34, or 35-inch models, this is a putter that will benefit your golf bag for a good time due to its technological advances incorporated on the club.

Runner Up 1: Odyssey O Works #1 Putter


  • Middle price range.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Available in different styles.


  • No stroke lab shaft.                                                                                                                           

The O works are not the latest release, however, there are still features and abilities that deserve your look.

This putter is featured with an all-black finish which helps to eliminate glare and contributes to easier alignment. At address, the putter has a simple look and features a micro hinge insert technology.

The micro hinge technology is manufactured to provide a more true roll and it works.

This is a great option if you own an Odyssey and wish to upgrade. O works have all the signature looks that Odyssey has always put and has new and improved technology.

Odyssey O works comes standard in a 33, 34, and 35-inch length. Choose the right size from the start and improve your game.

Runner Up 2: Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter


  • Steel all black design.
  • Variety of club head choice.
  • Speed optimized face.


  • The head is not as the spider.                                                                                             

Cleveland Frontline Elevado is not the number one on our list, however, this golf club has key features that make the club one of the best in the market as well.

Frontline Elevado is featured with a tungsten forward weighting and the center of gravity closer to the clubface. This contributes to better stability.

The speed optimized face technology is another great feature in this putter, this helps to make the speed coming off the face more consistent.

This golf club has a feature that contributes to a player’s perfect alignment, which is the proprietary 2135 technology.

The clean black putter head and shaft can help you see if you are lined up with your target or not.

Cleveland Frontline Elevado offers two different hosel configurations, one is slant, and another one is a single bend. Both of them can benefit, but it all depends on the putting stroke you have.

This putter also offers a headcover and it is priced around the same as the Odyssey O works putter reviewed.

Cleveland Frontline Elevado is also a great choice.

Best On A Budget: Pinemeadow Golf PGX


  • Low price.
  • Amazing alignment lines.
  • Clean black.


  • The roll coming off the face is not as consistent as the others.                                                   

Most putters do not have the best price for everyone, and there are also good clubs being produced in the market with important features that can also contribute to your game.

Pinemeadow Golf PGX, unfortunately, does not have all the technological advances just like the spider or any extreme club on the market, however, there are some qualities that deserve a look at it.

This golf club has excellent coloring and design, it has a bright white club head with some black alignment lines.

An important quality that this putter has is the fact that it really stands out when it comes to putting green, and if you struggle with alignment this golf club will surely help you improve.

Cheap golf clubs are relatively lighter, this makes them difficult to use on faster greens. However, the Pinemeadow manufactured this mallet putter at 380g, this puts the club in the same category as tour weighted putters.

This putter will work on faster greens regardless of your putting stroke, it is important to mention that it is also one of the best putters for beginners because of the price, clean lines, and forgiveness.

Best For Alignment: Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Putter


  • Easy to line up.
  • Extremely stable off-center.


  • May not be suitable for arched strokes.                     

Odyssey has excellent features that make this club the best club for alignment on the market.

This golf club has excellent alignment tools, it is lightweight, easy to roll, and forgiving across the clubface.

Odyssey 2-Ball  Ten comes with Odyssey’s famous 2-ball alignment, it contributes to making sure that the ball is lined up correctly and brings the face square at impact. This is a very useful tool for those who tend to push or pull lots of putts.

This golf club is a mallet, it is very forgiving, and the missed hits aren’t too punishing, this is ideal for you if you are a golfer struggling with consistent strikes.

The 2-Ball Ten is also available with Odyssey’s Triple Track alignment and this works well with Callaway’s Tripe TrackBalls that can also contribute to alignment.

What to look for when buying a Putter?

A Putter is just like any other club on the market, there are certain specifications to consider before buying the golf club.


Putter length can vary from player to player, you have to find a length that will fit your game and will put your eyes over the golf ball.

For most players, the perfect length is going to be around 34 inches and standard putters are usually sold in 33, 34, and 35-inch lengths for men.

Best For Your Game

Beginners usually like the mallet putter because of the longer alignment lines and the larger,  more forgiving sweet spot.

Mallet putters can contribute for a high handicapper to have an easier time lining up and making more putts. The mallet putter weight contributes for a high handicapper to twist and turn the clubhead at impact.

For a Low handicapper, the best putter would be a blade putter. Low handicap players usually look for ultimate feel and distance control.


We hope to have contributed to your final choice. However, our final pick is the Taylormade Spider X putter due to its characteristics and features that can highly contribute to achieving your results.

Even though the Taylormade is the best, do not neglect other clubs, they still have value and can also contribute to excellent results.

Founder & Chief-Editor

Author: Ian Chitsungo

My point of view is simple, golf is a symbol of excellence.

Play with passion, discipline and sportsmanship to get the best out of your game!

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