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Best Golf Gloves

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Welcome to our review of the best golf gloves on the market.

A golf glove is an excellent apparel if you wish to improve your grip pressure and club control.

With the variety of existing golf gloves available on the market, it might be complicated to pick the best for your game.

For this, we have managed to make a list of the best golf gloves existent on the market.

Best Overall



Perma Soft Glove

  • Good longevity.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Great durability.

Our Best Golf Gloves

  1. Best Overall: Titleist Perma Soft Glove
  2. Runner Up 1: Footjoy Hyperflex Glove
  3. Runner Up 2: TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove
  4. Best for durability: Srixon Premium Cabretta Leather Glove

Best Overall: Titleist Perma Soft Glove


  • Good longevity.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Great durabilty.


  • Slightly more expensive in comparison to other options.                                 

This is our number one pick for the best golf gloves manufactured in the market. Titleist has done a great job with these gloves.

Perma soft glove is an option that works for all hand size players and all level players, these gloves are tight-fitting and thin, they won’t take away any feeling that you have with your clubs.

Over time, you will notice that these gloves have contributed to your grip on your club essentially with more traction and comfort.

These gloves have a satin reinforcement that contributes to the durability of the gloves, it contributes to the glove’s strength. This means that they won’t scuff easily and they will last longer.

Perma Soft is a great option to consider when buying golf gloves, these gloves can also come in different sizes so they can fit any player.

If you are looking for great gloves, this would be an excellent option to consider.

Runner Up 1: FootJoy Hyperflex Glove


  • LightWeight
  • Great feel.


  • Has a thick seam on the palm.                           

Footjoy Hyperflx is another great glove available on the market. These gloves offer a great soft feel and touch that you would expect from excellent leather material and tour-style gloves with durability incorporated.

This glove has a premium Cabretta leather palm that aims to provide a soft comfortable feel with great resistance to water and perspiration.

This is also combined with a Microvent material that is on the back of the hand as well as powernet mesh knuckles. The placement of finger auge elastic material is there to guarantee moisture control, consistency, and breathability.

These are another great option to consider. They come with great manufacturing material and technological features added.

Runner Up 2: TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove


  • Breathability.
  • Great fit.
  • Moisture-wicking


  • The velcro needs readjustments sometimes.                                                                

The TaylorMade preferred flex are great gloves and they are part of our top 3, TaylorMade did a wonderful job with these gloves.

These gloves offer you a tight fit and extra comfort, they are also breathable gloves which means it allows airflow in the back of your hands. The wristband on this TaylorMade glove highly contributes to making sure that any extra moisture around your hands is dried up.

If you are a player that needs a great grip and does not want to lose a great feel then these are great gloves to consider, they are thick and they are made up of 4-way stretch nylon that highly contributes to reinforcing the glove as well.

These are excellent quality golf gloves, they are worth a try!

Best For Durability: Srixon Premium Cabretta Leather Glove


  • Soft leather feel.
  • Great grip and durability.
  • Moisture-wicking.


  • Limited stretch around the knuckles.                                                                                 

Srixon premium gloves are the best golf gloves for durability, they are manufactured with high-quality material.

This glove is manufactured with high-quality leather material that delivers a great feel and feedback from the clubs. Srixon also performs well in hot and humid conditions.

These gloves are a great option to consider if you are looking for gloves with durability and great performance. The only downside that these gloves face is that the stretch around the knuckles is limited.

What Factors To Consider When Buying Golf Gloves?

We hope that you now have an idea of the best golf gloves available on the market and what they offer, but before you make your final choice there are some factors to consider.

Which hand should I wear?

A right-handed player would wear the glove on the left hand because the left hand is the leading hand during the swing provided by the player with a conventional grip.

A left-handed golfer would wear the gloves on the right hand.


It is important for you to know what type of gloves you want, premium leather models perform differently from synthetic models. 

Premium leather models are designed to provide you with a soft feel while still giving you a great grip feel during your swing. The synthetic gloves are designed to offer extra stretch and especially on the knuckles. 

Synthetic gloves tend to be more durable than leather designs.

Final Verdict

We hope that with this guide, we have managed to provide the necessary information to help you make your final gloves choice.

However, our final recommendation is the Titleist Perma Soft Glove, these gloves fulfill the necessity of a player looking for the best performance gloves on the market.

It is in our best interest to make your journey great, so it is important to mention that you should not neglect other options available on our list, as they might suit you better than our final recommendation.

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Play with passion, discipline and sportsmanship to get the best out of your game!

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